Top 3 stadiums in Bucharest that are no longer used

This week we will present you, fellow groundhoppers, “Top 3 stadiums in Bucharest that are no longer used”. As you guys know, the best groundhopping experience it is when you visit a stadium and you see a game there, but defunct stadiums have their beauty too. The beauty comes from the mix of feelings, the sadness that is present everywhere you look and the happiness that you feel knowing that you are in a piece of history. That’s why I decided to present you the best 3 stadiums from Bucharest, where, at the moment, nobody plays.
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Top 5 stadiums in Arges county (Romania)

Hello, fellow groundhoppers! I am going to present you the TOP 5 stadiums in Arges county, Romania. You have plenty of reasons to visit Arges county and its stadiums. First of all, Arges it is a region that gave to the romanian football important players like: Nicolae Dobrin, Adrian Mutu, Nicolae Dica and the list could continue for hours, so you have the chance to see where Mutu made his first steps in football or the place where Dobrin ask on the pitch to Mario Kempes for a 1v1 in FC Arges – Valencia.  I can guarantee that you will enjoy your experience in Arges and you will come back with your friends for more stadiums and football games.

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