4-6 May 2018, Romanian Ground Hop 4. If it’s May, it’s Bucharest. And something more

Since the first Romanian Ground Hop in 2016 I tried to set the first weekend of May as a traditional one in Bucharest. In 2018, it is time for the 3rd one and 4th Romanian Ground Hop that I organize.


As during the last groundhops, I can promise at least 5 games with a mixture of leagues. We’ll go from the top level to the local amateur leagues, 4th or 5th.


As we already know, the first rule of groundhopping is no revisits, unless it’s really worth it. In our case, the only revisit will be if the only choices for a first league game are Dinamo, Chiajna or Voluntari. We visited these grounds during our last Ground Hops in Bucharest, but it is also important to have a higher level of football. Grounds from lower leagues will be all different compared to last seasons.

The trip will include

As you probably know already, I’m trying to make good deals for the whole trip. This one will include transport between games during the 3 days, meals between games (2 or 3), match programmes in English and match tickets.


The price depends on the distances between grounds and how many people will be in the mini bus, is possible to go out of Bucharest 2 or 3 times so it can go higher. Anyway, it won’t be more than 130 euros including meals.


During the last ground hops in Bucharest we had pins and meals after the games. However, people told me that if pins are not made by the club, their value is not the same. I know how to appreciate a collectable and I have the same opinion. The match programmes are enough as something to remember. Also after the games we won’t go together to eat. People want to do different things and they have different food choices so is better to have more free time and more choices.

Date and time

The action will take place between 4th and 6th of May. Usually there are no games in Bucharest on Friday morning so our meeting will be around 3 o’clock.

There will be only 22 places available for this trip so if you decide to book or you have more questions, just email me at otineanu.andrei@yahoo.com

You can read the great reviews made by Peter Miles after the last two groundhops in Bucharest here:

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