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Western Romania Ground Hop. 22-24 September 2017

After both Ground Hops that I organised in Bucharest, I told people that they should really visit other parts of the country. I recommanded Brasov, Cluj or Constanta, but unfortunattly, right now,  football choices there are not so good.

For the first Ground Hop that I will organise outside of the capital I choose the West part of Romania. Timisoara will be the city where we’ll be based but probably we’ll spend some time also in Arad and other cities or villages around.


As most of you know, the fixtures in Romania will be known with 2-3 weeks before, but trust me, we’ll have plenty of choices in the region from the proffesional leagues: ACS Poli Timisoara(1st division), ASU Poli Timisoara (2nd division), Ripensia Timisoara(3rd or 2nd division), UTA Batrana Doamna(2nd or 1st division) etc.

I can’t guarantee more than 5 games because I don’t have that many connections there with the teams, but the quality of the grounds should be good! Also, if we go to lower divisions don’t expect really good football!

As in Bucharest, probably we’ll start on Friday, 22 of September, at 15:00 and we’ll have at least one game that day!

How to get there

If you are from Britain, you can fly to Timisoara by Ryanair from London Stansted or by Wizz Air from Luton. Also there are really cheap flights from Berlin with Ryanair so maybe you can get the train to there or use it as a connection.

I still don’t have an option for the hotel, but as soon as I’ll get people I’ll come with a recommendation.

As at the first two Ground Hops, the package will include 5 meals, transport, match tickets, match programmes in English and pins. Basically, for 3 days you’ll just have to pay your drinks!

For the beginning I have 16 spots, but the number can go to 22 if there is enough interest!

Timisoara is a fantastic city and it will be European Cultural Capital in 2021. So is a good chance to get there before it will be mainstream!

If you are interested, please send me an email at!




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