5 beers you should try in Romania

Being a groundhopper is not just about visiting grounds all over the world, it is also about collecting stuff, eating traditional food and drinking plenty of local beer. In Romania you can find a lot of beverages that will fit perfect with the game you are watching!

5. Ciucaș

One of the healthiest beers on the market, Ciucaș takes its name from the Ciucaș Mountain near city of Brașov. Is very hard to find this beer in pubs, usually is sold just in the small ones from the neighbourhood, but you can buy it from almost every shop for a very small price.

4. Silva

Silva means forest in the Latin language so the beer is refreshing and nice to drink in pubs. It is owned by Heineken and the best part is that it has also a dark option which is very tasty.

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3. Zaganu

The one of the first craft beers launched on Romanian market. There are 4 types of Zaganu: white, dark, India Pale Ales and Red Ale. Is hard to find pubs that sell this kind of beer, but you can also buy it from big Mega Image stores. The price is a little high, but for a craft beer is worth.

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2. Nenea Iancu

This beer was made for the former Romanian writer I.L. Caragiale. It has a variaty of products from unfiltered to no alcohol. You can find it in hypermarkets or in some traditional restaurants. It also has its one restaurant called La Nenea Iancu.

1. Timisoreana

Even if it isn’t a special beer, Timisoreana has a nice story related with football. You can find it at 0,4 or 0,5 bottles and also at 0,5 cans. Don’t try the 2,5l bottles!

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