Football teams in Bucharest and their grounds

Is really hard to find where are the Bucharest teams playing. Here is a list with all the teams and their grounds. Sometimes the venue change for some games, so be sure that you’ll check on other sites before!

1st league:

Dinamo Bucharest-Dinamo Stadium/National Arena

Steaua Bucharest-National Arena

2nd divison:

Rapid Bucharest-Valentin Stanescu Stadium

3rd league:

Juventus Bucharest-Juventus Stadium

Dinamo Bucharest 2-Romprim Stadium

Metaloglobus Bucharest-Metaloglobus Stadium

4th league:

Electoaparataj-Electoaparataj Ground

Progresul Bucharest-Viitorul Ground

Venus 1914-Biruinta Ground

VK Soccer-Dumitru Ganea Ground (ex. Aversa) (kicked out of the competition, still plays friendlies)

Unirea Tricolor-Electomagnetica Ground

CS Electrica-Rocar Stadium

Comprest Gim-Rocar Stadium

CS LSM-Ion Tiriac Stadium

Metaloglobus 2-Metaloglobus Stadium

AS Termo-Antilopa Ground

Sportul Studentesc-Agronomia Ground

Fratia-Fratia Ground

Romprim-Romprim Stadium

CS Victoria-Fratia Ground

5th league:

Atletico de Madrid Bucharest(Regal Sport)-Metaloglobus Stadium/Prefabricate Ground

Power Team-Juniorul(IOR) Ground

Progresul Spartac 1944-Prefabricate Ground

AS Tricolor-Viitorul Ground

CS Pantelimon-Fratia Ground

Benfica Noua Generatie-Fratia Ground

Sport Team-Agronomie Ground

Olimpic-Energoutilaj Ground

CS Cadet- Laromet Ground

Progresul 2005-Fratia Ground

AS Pena Sport-Toni Doboș

Atletico Bucharest-Fratia Ground

Ilfov 4th league

Athletico Floreasca-Athletico Floreasca Ground

Old-boys league

Athletico Floreasca-Atheltico Floreasca Ground

Victoria-Juventus Ground artificial

ASSG 162-Dumitru Ganea Ground(Ex Aversa)

AS Prundu-Mircea Eliade High-School Ground artificial

AS Tricolor-Toni Doboș Ground

1st league Women football:

Fair Play Bucharest-Politehnica Ground

To check the games I recomand Sportb.ro  and AMFB.ro


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