Fratia, the ground you should visit at least once

Coming to Bucharest just to watch Steaua or Dinamo games is a huge mistake. Yes, it’s nice to visit the National Arena or other stadiums with big stands and floodlights, but you should also taste the passion of the lower leagues.

During the communist era, most of the factories had football teams which were playing close to the factory and Fratia ground is one of the best examples. Situated near the Vulcan Factory, now a condemned building, this ground shows a tragic, but beautiful view. If you want to make great photos, this is the perfect place.

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I’ve been there only once for an Old-Boys game, but you can watch football there every weekend. Fratia has a team in the 4th league and one in the 5th. Is pretty hard to get there, but is totally worth.

Fratia ground will be part of the Bucharest Ground Hop between 6 and 8 May. There are just 4 more places left. For more details read this article or send me an email at



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