Top 5 stadiums in Arges county (Romania)

Hello, fellow groundhoppers! I am going to present you the TOP 5 stadiums in Arges county, Romania. You have plenty of reasons to visit Arges county and its stadiums. First of all, Arges it is a region that gave to the romanian football important players like: Nicolae Dobrin, Adrian Mutu, Nicolae Dica and the list could continue for hours, so you have the chance to see where Mutu made his first steps in football or the place where Dobrin ask on the pitch to Mario Kempes for a 1v1 in FC Arges – Valencia.  I can guarantee that you will enjoy your experience in Arges and you will come back with your friends for more stadiums and football games.

5. Mioveni Stadium (Mioveni)

Mioveni Stadium, known as Dacia Stadium, is the home ground of local club CS Mioveni (Romanian Second League). The venue holds now, after renovation, 7.000 people. The first thing that you’ll remark is that the whole stadium is painted in yellow and green, CS Mioveni’s colours. The atmosphere at the important games is animated by a group of youngsters who are supporting CS Mioveni, so if you visit this ground, you have a big chance to hear some: “Hai, Hai Mioveni!” (Go, go Mioveni!). Mioveni is situated 15 km NE from Pitesti, and 120 km from Bucharest. You can go there by bus, from Pitesti (5 lei = 1.2€/ticket), so if you are in Pitesti and you have some free time, don’t miss the chance to visit them.



4. Petrochimistul (Pitesti)

Petrochimistul is a stadium used by multiple football teams from Fifth and Fourth Romanian League and even by Pitesti’s rugby team. On this ground, FC Arges played in 2014/2015 season, after the club’s reborn. Its capacity is around 800 people and the highest attendance is from a game between FC Arges and CS Mioveni II, when the stadium was so full, that people needed to stay in the courtyard of the highschool that is next to the stadium, to see the game. It’s situated in a neighborhood that is near the exit to Bucharest and by walk, there are 30 minutes from the Pitesti city center. If you want to take a taxi it will cost you about 10-15 lei(2,3-3,2 €) from the city center.

fc-arges-207 10635696_771356302924901_8639406908537501010_n

3. Rucar Stadium (Rucar)

The home venue of CS Rucar (Romanian Forth League) is probably one of the best grounds in the whole county, and why not, from Romania. Why? Not because it’s modern or very big, but because its situated in a valley surrounded by mountains where the landscapes are incredible. The small village of Rucar is well known because of a cheese sortiment that is called “cascaval de Rucar” so this will be your snack there. Rucar is in the NE of Arges county at 80 km from Pitesti. It is at the border between Arges and Brasov county. You can go there by bus from Pitesti (10 lei – 2€/ticket), the estimate time is around 2 hours, but you will not get bored because the landscapes are, like i said, incredible.

fc_arges1953_cs_rucar-3-0-fotopress24-1 IMG_20151025_121651 IMG_20151025_121701

2. Strand Stadium (Pitesti)

The Strand Stadium was built in 1936. Starting with 1953, FC Arges (named Dinamo Pitesti at that time) played in Strand until they gain promotion in the First League and Nicolae Dobrin Stadium was built. In 2000’s International Pitesti played here in the third and second division, also SCM Argesul Pitesti played here in the fourth and third division. Now it is the home venue of FC Arges, after they moved from Petrochimistul. It has 2500 seatted places. You can’t a miss a FC Arges’s game on Strand, where the average attendance is higher than a Romanian First League match. Another reason to visit it is because is situated in a beautiful park next to Arges river, so after the match you can enjoy a walk in the park.

11034346_854664757927388_6207578991023223060_o strand

1. Nicolae Dobrin (Pitesti)

Nicolae Dobrin Stadium is the biggest stadium in Arges county. It was built in 1964, as home venue for FC Arges. It is named after all-time romanian best player, Nicolae Dobrin. The stadium has a capacity of 17,500 people, however the largest crowd ever recorded was of 28,000 people for the 1979–80 European Champions’ Cup match between FC Argeş and Nottingham Forest. Here is the place where Real Madrid was beaten 2-1 by the great team of FC Arges in 1972. The stadium now is used by SCM Arges (Romanian Third League) and Steaua Bucharest (ocasional). From the city center you can go there by a 20 min walk. It has a huge history behind and you can’t miss a ground like this if you are in Pitesti.


This picture is for the nostalgic ones




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