5 teams to watch in Romania in 2016

It’s pretty hard to see all 5 teams during the same trip because three of them are around Bucharest and two are in the West side of Romania. All of them have amazing fans and you shouldn’t miss the chance to see their games.

Rapid Bucharest

Being one of the best teams in Romania between 2000-2010, Rapid won several trophees in their History and they also played a UEFA Cup quarter-final in 2005. Giuleşti stadium is an old ground near ’Gara de Nord’ train station and it has a special feeling. I’ve been there with 2 international travelers and Gary Hancock wrote something for me about one of Rapid’s game here.

Progresul Bucharest

Or FC National used to be a regular team from the first league until this decade. They played European football the UEFA Cup including a big clash against Ronaldinho’s PSG, but at some point went bankrupt. They started again in the 4th league and at the moment they are fighting there with a lot of youngsters. The best thing is that Progresul still have some fans which are going to their games every weekend. They are playing at Viitorul football ground near National Arena in Bucharest.

FC Arges 1953

FC Arges is the team that I support. Former champions of Romania in 70’s, Arges was relegated due to match fixing in 2009 and in 2013 went bankrupt. Starting with 2014/2015 season, it became a fan owned football club playing in 4th league of Arges county, in Pitesti city. Their home stadium is called Strand and is the first ever ground Arges played on. Pitesti is just 100 km away from Bucharest, so 2 hours by train and 1:20 by mini bus.

UTA Arad

UTA is a new club which promoted from the 4th league to the 3rd and then to the 2nd division in 2 years. Now, they are on the 3rd place in the second division with real chances to go up. Their fans are great and you should totaly visit Motorul stadium.

ASU Politehnica Timisoara

Being the first ever fan owned football club in Romania, Poli went from the 5th division to the 3rd where they are on the first place. They have great suport at every home game and also away. I was on Stiinta at one of the greatest pyro shows in Romania, at their 93rd anniversary. For sure, I will go there again soon and you should see them too.

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