Chiajna, best option in the first league in Bucharest

For the 4th year in row, Chiajna, a small village near Bucharest has a team in the 1st league. They don’t have too many fans, nothing spectacular; they have a new, quite small stadium, with 4000 seats and artificial turf. Nonetheless, there are a few special things about this team and stadium.

One thing I really appreciate is that you can drink beer until half an hour before the game. There is a small bar at the stadium and a bottle is around 1 euro. You can also buy tickets from there, very cheap, no more than 5 euros.



The most special thing about Chiajna though, are the fans. They don’t have a big crowd, just 10-15, but the funny thing is that they are not Romanian. Most of them are English and they are working in Bucharest. They travel a lot with Concordia, last season some of them went to Cluj or Targu Mures, very long trips.

If you arrive in Bucharest and want to see a first league game I recommend you Concordia Chiajna. They don’t have the history of Dinamo or Steaua, but the atmosphere is much better!

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