English trip to Rapid Bucharest

On the 13th of March I was a football guide for 2 guys from London, Gary and Rob. We watched 2 games that day, Concordia Chiajna-TG Mures and Rapid-Petrolul. The first one was quite boring, but the second, oh what a lovely Romanian Derby.

The next phrases are Gary’s impressions from this game. He had a great time and also took some great photos. Enjoy!

„Rapid Bucharest were due to play Petrolul Ploiesti in our second game of the day at Stadionul Valentin Stanescu. One of Andrei’s mates managed to get us tickets for what was a sell out game, 8,000 people. We walked around the area but most of the bars and shops were on Police instructions not selling alcohol. We eventually found a small backstreet bar and ordered up some beers and mici (grilled meat rolls).

The lad with the tickets arrived but we had to leave the bar as most of the people there were from a different Rapid firm and he felt uncomfortable. We found a shop selling beer and then met some of Andrei’s mates in the park.

A few smoke bombs later, we could see a mob of about 200 people coming out of a block of flats, again all Rapid, who waited for the Police to escort them to the ground. The Police came over to us, threw our beer away and made us join the procession to the ground. This game was a lot better and the atmosphere was excellent, a few flares going off, good support from the away team and the game finished 1-1.’’

Photo credits: Gary Hancock

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