A must in Bucharest

Even if Bucharest has 3 big teams in the first league(until now) you should try going to at least one game in the 4th league. Teams are formed of people like us who meet each other at the end of the week for some football, fun and a beer after. In the next phrases I’ll recommend you the best option from the entire city, Athletico Floreasca.

Working there for a year and a half was amazing. Good boys, great games and quality time spent. It’s not so hard to get to the stadium; from Piata Unirii you just have 5 stops till Aurel Vlaicu on the blue line. If you show up 30-40 minutes before kick-off, probably you’ll see the players in their blue jackets.

I’ve been there with Stephen in October. He was really impressed by the kindness of the staff. Sitting on the reserve bench in a foreign country is not that easy. He also had there his first “mici”, the most famous Romanian dish for groundhoppers. Usually after every game the team has a barbecue where you can hear some great stories.


I forgot to tell you the best part. Floreasca Stadium is one of the last stadiums in Bucharest to serve beer during games. They have a big fridge equipped with cold beer and you can enjoy it near the pitch. As a downside, you don’t have a big stand, just 4 places, but you’ll go there for football.

If you plan to come in Romania don’t hesitate to contact me. Here you have everything you must know about my Bucharest Football Guide program

photo credits:Stephen Carpenter

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